Tony Wire

Tony Wire has been a prolific painter and sketcher ever since he was a small boy. He was raised in the Rogue River Valley in Oregon. There were minimal modern distractions, such as televisions or Internet, so Tony entertained himself with drawing, building forts and white river rafting. Growing up in this simple way forced him to stretch his imagination and explore nature.

During high school, most students dream of college, but Tony dreamt of traveling the world. In some ways wanting to visit exotic lands to expand on the simple life he knew but also wanting to break free of it. Eventually Tony returned to Oregon and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Painting.

After leaving art school he became attracted to the study of architecture. His art reflects his love for rigid landscapes and simplified structures through a unique abstracted style. White space is an essential element of the composition that characterizes Wire’s art and prints. “The white is not empty, it’s completely finished.” Treating the paper or canvas as an element of design, the artist works from one concentrated area of detail and color, leaving much of the canvas white and allowing the eye to focus on the central image without intrusion from the periphery.

Tony currently resides in Arizona, were he also enjoys hiking, reading and photography. The diverse landscapes and culture mirror the simple childhood he still holds on to.