Craig Alan

Craig Alan was born in 1971 in San Bernardino, California, where his deep artistic talent lay dormant for several years. Upon moving to New Orleans as a child, Craig worked as a street portrait artist, thereby greatly improving on the human figure, as well as earning money for school and supplies. Creative vision came naturally to Craig and he continued to develop technically and conceptually through his own diligent studies.

It was not until his sophomore year at the University of Mobile, Alabama, however, that Craig formally began to train in art. His affinity for the subject was immediately apparent. He continued to concentrate in studio arts, earning an area award for academic excellence. The university’s most prestigious exhibition, “Art with a Southern Drawl” featured 42 of Craig’s pieces, chosen from a field of more than 1,600 submissions.

A minor concentration in theater provided Craig with additional techniques in makeup and set design. This expertise supported his exploration of mixed media constructions. Combining his skills into elaborate textures, hues and compositions, Craig’s artwork reveals a technical sophistication as well as an elaborate imagination.

Constantly craving new ways to link contemporary expressions to traditional art, Craig hopes to travel to Europe in search of artistic artifacts as well as fresh and innovative ideas. He also intends to explore his own family roots and cultural nuances in England and Scotland.

Eventually, Craig plans to earn his Masters degree in studio arts in order to teach at the college level. His biggest dream, however, is to own and manage his own atelier. He continues to exhibit his artwork across the United States.